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Travelling in such a way means having to carry necessary things with you even for a few days and in addition to the backpack, very comfortable, spacious and in technical materials, you can opt for containers to attach to your vehicle, such as motorcycle cases.

This accessory is useful, sometimes indispensable, even for city use, in fact it is an excellent solution to store the helmet (and other accessories such as the jacket).

The classic top case, very popular, is the rear one, but there are also side cases, where you can place all the objects in an orderly way. Here is a little guide to purchase.

Motorcycle top cases: the main features

Much used by city bikers and travelers, the rear motorcycle cases, usually made of plastic, are installed on the back of the vehicle and can contain various things, such as the helmet, jacket, gloves and all other bulky accessories that are part of the equipment, as well as personal ones. First of all, therefore, for a successful purchase it is necessary to assess the capacity of the container, which must be compatible with your needs. If, for example, two people are travelling in pairs, the top case must contain at least two helmets.

The width is a factor to consider carefully because obviously an accessory of this type creates a dynamic imbalance on the bike, so it would be better to choose a model that does not go other than 50 centimeters. The top case can be equipped with an additional “luggage rack”, comfortable for bulky but light objects (such as clothing) and a backrest for the passenger. The internal drain is also useful.

The motorcycle side trunks are instead widely used by motorcyclists who love to travel by motorcycle and therefore need to carry more things. Sometimes these and / or soft bags are already included in the equipment of road enduro, which are designed to be enriched with this travel accessory. The ideal is three hard cases (one rear and two side cases). If waterproofing is not guaranteed by the seals, or you want to be more comfortable, just use the inner bags for better water tightness and protect your valuables.

Among the materials used for the realization there are aluminium, very resistant against shocks, and therefore ideal for adventurous trips, even if it is heavy; plastic has the advantage of being light, aerodynamic and aesthetically integrated, but it is more sensitive to shocks and dust.

The general disadvantage of rigid side panniers is that they require an auxiliary frame to attach to the bike, thus adding weight and bulk to the vehicle.

The classic rear top case, on the other hand, is more easily installed on the carrier with a fixing plate, usually supplied with the same top case. Some plates are universal, for others it is necessary to check the compatibility with the vehicle. An advice is not to place the top box too high, because it would impact on the driving dynamics, changing too much the center of gravity of the bike, inevitably destabilizing its trim; the maneuvers would become too complicated and even the potholes would be felt more, creating discomfort to the back.

Motorcycle cases: the best models

One of the largest motorcycle cases with a capacity of 52 liters is the GIVI TRK52N Trekker Monokey model that contains two helmets or two jackets up to a maximum weight of 10 kg (220 €).

The TOPBOX 43 liters motorcycle top case is equipped with plate, pins and brackets for installation, then everything you need to be installed. Resistant and capacious with a two key locking system, it is more secure, although a little less convenient. Good value for money (50 €).

An excellent model of motorcycle side cases? Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro are solid, stable and weatherproof. The capacity is 44 and 51 litres, enough to hold a full face helmet. The lid is removable and can be opened from both sides; the closure/opening is equipped with two hooking mechanisms.

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