RuneScape Guide to Make It Through

The tips that are gathered here may help you to stay alive and become a winner of the RuneScape game. The game may be one of the first MMORPG ever made, but it still has over 200 millions of fans. Released in 2001, it still keeps gamers entertained by numerous attractions and free offers.

The Wilderness area

The Gielinor Kingdom welcomes you in every region and city, no matter what side of the map you choose. Of course, the free game is not as rich in options, stuff, and abilities as paid, but you can still have lots of fun there. A lot of players usually pick The Wilderness area, as they offer free PvP experience. There are skills that you will not find in other places and opportunities for farming. The higher your skills, the easier your life in the game. You can farm for OSRS gold, raise your level or mastering new skills there.

However, you need to be really careful! Wilderness lives by its own set of rules. If you want to survive there, you need to be careful and follow them. So pay attention to this guidance.

About the Wilderness

There are levels in the Wilderness. They were made to allow players with similar levels to attack each other. If you are at 10th Wilderness, you can be attacked by players of 10 more or 10 fewer levels. If your own level is 100, in this area, you will be attacked by players with levels from 90 to 110. However, some of the in-game items can partially overcome the restrictions, so be careful.
For example, Teleportation is blocked by 20 Wilderness level. The block of Teleport itself can prevent any of your teleportations for 5 minutes. There are many other curses that can’t be removed for the specified period of time. If you want to go to the 30 levels of Wilderness, there are items that will help you:

  • Bracelet of Combat;
  • Glory Amulet;
  • Pod of Grand Seed;
  • Sceptre of Pharaoh;
  • Ring of Life;
  • Ring of Fortune;
  • Ring of Wealth;
  • Skills Necklace;
  • Sword of Wilderness 4;
  • Luck of Dwarves.

If you have tokens from any events, you can also use them. To check the similarity of yours and your enemy levels, you can watch the color of the name. Green color signifies lower levels. The yellow color is for your equal, and red means trouble as they’re out of your league. Gamers with white names also appear in the game, and you can’t attack them. Sometimes these players are just out of the level range, and sometimes in a safe zone.

You will have to learn these colors’ order. If you want to stay safe and survive in this area, just run away from red colors until you decide that you are ready. When you die in the Wilderness, you are losing 3 of 4 items that you have.

Rules of Interaction

This game requires engagement with other players. And you have to know some basic rules. If you attack other people without being provoked, you are being “Skulled”. This means your items will be dropped. Your killer has a privilege to rob you after your death alone for 10 minutes, and then other players can loot leftovers.

Player Killers can force you to Skull yourself without you noticing that. They can hide the first aggressor who attacked you. If you attack an innocent one, you are getting Skulled. So, don’t hit anyone innocent.

And don’t forget about Macing. This is a weird action when a group of players can drain your points using Superior Ancient Mace. The Protection prayer, in this case, is disabled. It usually takes place after the skull trick is done with a player, and now robbers can take all the items. So, if you see that situation happens, run and try to save your prayer points. If you can reach a single-way location, just do it. This way, your attackers will not touch you. Keep your prayer points high.

Why the Wilderness is worth the risk

The Wilderness contains so many hidden bonuses and advantages that not many players can check them all. Of course, some people prefer to avoid taking unnecessary risks and stay safe. Remember that no matter how safe you think you are, you can always be watched by predators. You are always at risk to lose everything you have earned.

If you still want to explore the Wilderness, you don’t have to take much with you. Use mid-tier gear walking in this area. Don’t take much food, just enough for your trip. Take a few bottles of potions. You don’t have to take everything you have. If you want to take more, just remember how easily you can lose everything here.

In the Wilderness, there are working banks. And if you have farmed some items, you can store them in these banks. This place gives you a lot of opportunities, you just have to know about them and wisely use them. If you don’t, there is a big chance that you will not get alive out of there.

Your thoughts on the Wilderness

If you have traveled in the Wilderness, please share your experience here. Tell us what you found there and whether it was as easy as many players think. You may also tell us what tricks you have used there or why you like to play RuneScape in general