Deleting Pre-installed Android Apps Without Rooting

If you are an Android user, you would have noticed that not all pre-installed software is of any use to you. You might have tried removing these third party apps to free up the phone storage and improve performance, yet some of them remained. These are called Bloatware—apps you don’t need, want to remove, but can’t. This is true for Google apps: if you don’t like Google Play Music, sorry, you can’t delete it off your phone. Don’t worry, let us help you with our tips to remove, hide, or at least disable pre-installed apps.

Method 1: Use Android Settings

Android offers various settings to help you customize your phone. You can easily uninstall third party bloatware with these settings.

  • Step 1: From your Android phone, go to Settings;

  • Step 2: Tap Applications, then click Application Manager;

  • Step 3: Now find the app you want to delete and simply tap on it;

  • Step 4: If you see the Uninstall button, tap on it to delete the app. You may see a Force Stop button instead of the uninstall option: this simply means that this app can’t be deleted, but only deactivated. Select Force Stop and then tap Disable to make it dormant.

Using the Uninstall option, you can remove various stock apps one by one. These applications will not show up in the app list and won’t be recognized as installed ones. If the app was not uninstalled fully, try the next method.

Method 2: Use Debloater

Think of Debloater as a free Windows software blocking app that accesses your Android device’s filesystem. It can immobilize apps on your phone and lets you unblock these again.

  • Step 1: To use this technique, you need to allow the developer option, which will be activated from the Settings. Simply tap About Phone, then Build Number. Keep tapping the Build Number for about 7 to 10 times to permit the developer option;

  • Step 2: Once activated, you can see it in the Settings. Tap it, scroll down to find USB Debugging, and enable it;

  • Step 3: Now search the Debloater tool online from your Windows desktop or laptop, download and install it. We have already highlighted its usefulness in deleting the system apps which could not be uninstalled otherwise. Now connect your Android phone with the PC using the USB cable. Once the system finds the Android device, the Debloater will display a warning message;

  • Step 4: On the top left side, select Read Phone Packages. This will prompt it to read all installed apps on your Android device;

  • Step 5: You will be able to see the entire list of apps on your smartphone identified as blocked and unblocked;

  • Step 6: Choose the app(s) you want to be deleted from your smartphone. Once selected, click the Apply option. The chosen app(s) will be removed. It also offers the undo/ deselect option too.

We hope you will find it easy to delete the unwanted apps and free your phone.

Method 3: Use Android Debug Bridge

Android Debug Bridge or ADB is a command-line utility integrated with Android SDK. It can control your smartphones via USB connected to a computer, run shell commands, copy files, install/uninstall applications and more.

  • Step 1: From the Play Store, search and install App Selector on your phone;

  • Step 2: Install ADB on your computer;

  • Step 3: Find and tap App Inspection on your phone;

  • Step 4: Select and click the app you want to delete, note its path;

  • Step 5: Connect your device to your PC, and click “Transfer Files” way;

  • Step 6: Open Command Prompt and enter adb devices. Just type it as it is;

  • Step 7: Once you enter, adb shell to go in to shell mode;

  • Step 8: After you enter the mode, type pm uninstall -k --user 0 (type as it is);

It is important to replace the name of the package with the app path we asked you to note in step 4. Hopefully, you will see a success message on the command prompt indicating the app is removed.

A Word of Warning

We would like to highlight that some apps are necessary for your Android phone to run properly and can’t be installed or deactivated. Depending on the device manufacturer, some cellular phones have few bloatware, and their system apps can be easily deactivated. There are brands that release devices full of third-party apps that can’t be disabled or deleted.

We recommend reading the methods explained above carefully to get rid of an unwanted app without rooting your phone. Don’t leave them to slow down your device and waste computing power, remove or at least disable such apps.