We Wait for Galaxy Fold in September

Here comes the most expected smartphone of 2019. We are waiting for Galaxy Fold in September, but it will only be available in selected countries. Even with a delay and excuses, with explanations that the devices are being tested and the company needs some more time to complete the process, this is a big event! There are no sales dates announced yet, but we know some interesting details, and we are ready to share them with you.

What about the price?

One of the most important issues which everybody wants to know is the cost of the device. The previous announcement mentioned the price equal to $1 980/$1 800. This is the value of something radically new at the market. There are plenty of people who want to get the largest smartphone. They placed the Galaxy Fold preorders which were canceled, unfortunately. It is clear that any device itself has not been officially sold yet.

Reasons for delay

As we already know, the coming Fold will bend in the middle. It is possible because the screen is made of plastic. Compared to glass, this material is softer and can be easily damaged, that is why it is reinforced with a layer which does not reach the edges. Alas, as it has occurred, this layer can be easily peeled off.

The additional problem revealed by reviewers is that the screen stops working just after the device is launched. There is an assumption that it happens because of dust penetrating through a gap existing between the hinge and screen.

Appreciating the patience of customers, Samsung representatives said that after the above results of the reviews they had to fix the detected faults. First of all, this is a protective top layer which will make an integral part of a case which cannot be removed. In general, a body will be reinforced, and new protection caps will be applied to make the top and bottom stronger. The particle under the screen will also be reinforced with metal detail that will make the plastic screen harder. Finally, the developer will reduce an air gap between a hinge and body.

What do we still expect?

The Galaxy Fold will have the most intuitive design factor within its category. Its book-like construction with the screen inside allows to grip the smartphone easily. If you compare this model with the Huawei Mate X, you will see the difference because here the screen is left on the outside of the folded device, and that is not very convenient.

We wait for the dual-axis hinge with locks that do not allow to over-extend the display rotated by 180 degrees only. When you close the device, you hear a sound proving that it is locked and will not unfold in a bag. This dual-axis hinge is well-done providing a smooth usage and adding a nice tactile feel. It is ready to be used over 200 000 times a day for five years. Thus, you can count on it. But even if it looks sturdy, still use it with care.

You will find a fingerprint sensor on the smartphone. It is located rightward at the bottom of the closed device. It fits a finger perfectly. If you press the sensor longer, you will activate a Bixby — Samsung smart assistant. There are also power/lock and volume keys, located in the location convenient to reach. You are suggested to use a USB-C port and two speakers. One of them supports Dolby Atmos.

The device promises to be heavy and rather bulky with the following parameters: 62.9 x 160.9 x 17mm. It is not for thin pockets, you know. Its weight is 269g — you will find few smartphones which are heavier. We’ll choose among such colors as Cosmos Black, Space Silver, Astro Blue, and Martian Green. The device is covered with the Gorilla Glass 6 being a rather classy finish.

The Galaxy Fold is equipped with two screens. On the front, there is a 4.6-inch HD+ Super AMOLED display. You will see it when the smartphone is closed operating in so-called ‘phone mode.’ It allows navigating the operating system, checking out notifications, reading messages, and listening to music. This screen is not huge in size actually and even feels smaller because of bezels above and below. We would not say that their look is very pleasing to the eye, and some reviewers say that this element does not quite suit the premium price level.

The larger display is available when the device is used in an opened format. It is very thin being covered with an advanced composite polymer layer thanks to which the display bends. You will enjoy a 7.3-inch QXGA+ (QHD+) Dynamic AMOLED display delivering clear pictures with bright colors and supporting HDR10+. You will be able to watch videos and enjoy an improved viewing experience.

Thus, you have two-in-one: a phone in a closed format and a regular smartphone in an opened position, allowing you to play games, watch movies, edit pictures, and browse the web. When you change a mode, correspondent applications follow your usage patterns being displayed automatically on that screen which you open next.

Other Perspectives

Well, very soon, some of us will get all the above features at their disposal. And Samsung continues to work, announcing the details of the development of next foldable phones. We hope that the current delay will not impact the schedule for these future devices. If you like the article, please, leave your comments and share it with your friends.