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I wanted to talk to you about the biker salute. In my opinion it is very important to say goodbye, of course it is more important to be careful of the road, but if you have everything under control you must always do so. At the bottom of the page I have reported the true story of the motorcyclists’ greeting.
For those who don’t know it, there are two ways to greet: the first is done when you cross another rider, doing with the left hand (for obvious reasons not with the right) forming with the index and middle finger a V.

The second method is used when overtaking another rider and moving the right foot out. You use your foot and not your left hand because safety comes first.

The previous two methods can be replaced with a nod with the head, especially it is preferable to use this method in the city. Otherwise you would spend all your time with your hand out and not on the handlebars doing a risky act.
By greeting each other we make sure that our beautiful “brotherhood” remains alive and traditions do not disappear.
For this reason it is important that all those who approach the world of motorbikes get used to saying goodbye even if the other does not reciprocate. And that those who have been riding motorcycles for many years continue to greet everyone.

I don’t want to be offensive, but there are two types of motorcyclists, those who have a real passion for two wheels and those who like two wheels.
The cause of this difference is to be attributed to the media that bring people closer and closer to this world without having a real passion, but only because the icon of the moment is part of it.

In addition, it must be said that the caste of motorcyclists is being divided into various sub-categories such as Caretakers, Bmwisti, etc. ….. Many times the owners of a particular model or a particular brand or type of motorcycle greet only those who drive a motorcycle like theirs .
For me the type or brand of motorcycle that one rides must not be a barrier because first of all we are motorcyclists and we must never forget it.
Here below I want to tell you the story of the birth of the motorcyclists’ greeting. Whether it is a legend or a true story doesn’t matter, in my opinion it is interesting to know it.

The true story of the motorcyclists’ greeting

An ancient gesture that seems to date back to the time when knights still rode one horse at a time and in flesh and blood. In fact, the legend tells of a lone rider riding his steed for how many days, who rode uphill on a mountain path on a quiet sunny day.

In some stretches he enjoyed spurring his horse to feel the wind through the cracks in his armour and then slowing down and enjoying the sounds of the forest he was crossing. Meanwhile, higher up and further towards the horizon you could already see the towers of the castle where he was heading. The knight’s eyes lit up with joy.

When, in the distance and in the opposite direction, you could see the figure of another knight approaching, also happy. When the two crossed each other, the one coming from the castle, raising his right hand and with his index and middle fingers in a “V” shape, exclaimed: “Sorry friend, you’re second, I’ve already fucked the princess!” and galloped away… That’s how the gesture of greeting with the classic “V” fingers has come down to us, today’s knights, because the one who doesn’t greet automatically impersonates the cuckolded knight…

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