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The cigarette lighter socket on the motorbike or scooter has several advantages, such as recharging the navigator, mobile phones and other electronic equipment, it can be placed on the dashboard, on the handlebar or in the saddle pad.
Speaking of cigarette lighter socket or 12V socket, we note that there are several solutions to be mounted on the motorcycle:

1st Solution:

The first solution is to go to the dealer of the brand of the motorcycle owned.
The advantage is that the socket integrates perfectly with the existing electrical system and that the socket is under lock and key. The disadvantage is the high cost.

2nd Solution:

The second solution is to turn to the world of the aftermarket where prices are lower and sockets with integrated battery charge indicators can also be found ( Image 1 ). The problem, when you have little knowledge of electrical systems, is that this socket must be connected directly to the battery (which does not generate any problem on the operation) and therefore it is not under the key, instead for the more capable ones it will be easy to be able to connect it in such a way that is subkey. Some models are supplied with plates or fixing systems.

3rd Solution:

The fourth solution is to go to a dealer of electrical parts, buy them separately and assemble them. The components you need are:

  • 2 electric cables of 1 meter each preferably one red and one black.
  • 2 insulating female fastom
  • 2 insulated terminals
  • Waterproof fuse holder
  • Waterproof cigarette lighter socket with rainproof cap (there are no caps, you can also use those and then to cover them from the rain you can use a cork)
  • Fuse

How to mount the 12v socket on the motorcycle

To install a cigarette lighter socket on the motorcycle, an expert is not necessary, anyone can do it, but whoever does not feel up to it or wants more safety, I recommend having it installed by a workshop.

First of all you need to understand and decide where you want to position it and what use you have to make of it, if we have to load the navigator it will be better to place it on the handlebar or dashboard, if you use it only to recharge your mobile phone then it can be placed in the saddle, etc…

It is necessary to choose the position with care in order not to incur errors that would hinder driving or make use of the socket uncomfortable, one must also think about where to place the objects that will be connected to the socket.

After deciding on the use, you decide where you can position it and how you can fix it, a loose fixing could create annoyances and annoyances, the next step is to identify the battery, recognize the positive and negative poles. This operation must be done with the motorcycle and the ignition off.

Take the terminal with positive pole of the cigarette lighter socket (usually a red cable is used) and connect to the positive pole of the battery (+), take the terminal with the negative pole of the cigarette lighter socket (usually a black cable is used) and connects to the negative pole of the battery (-).

To connect the cable lug, unscrew the screw of the corresponding pole, insert the cable lug into the screw and tighten it again. Arrange the cables in such a way that they do not get in the way, do not hang out of the motorcycle or that they do not get too close to the engine or hot parts of the motorcycle, fit the cigarette lighter socket in the desired position and insert the fuse in the waterproof fuse holder.

Before using the motorcycle, test the operation of the socket that actually charges the electronic device. If you have placed it on the handlebar, check that it does not cause obstacles in steering.

With this solution, that is, with the socket connected directly to the battery, it will work even with the motorcycle off and keys not inserted in the panel, so do not leave the equipment to recharge for too long otherwise they will drain your battery.

To avoid leaving the cigarette lighter socket always live, a switch can be mounted on the positive pole cable to turn off the current. As mentioned before, for the more experienced it is possible to intercept the wires that lead to the dashboard and therefore make sure that the socket has power only when the key is turned and the dashboard is turned on.

General advice

If you use it often it is advisable to bring a couple of spare fuses.
Obviously if the socket is positioned on the handlebar or on the dashboard in case of rain, it is advisable to unplug the appliance being loaded and close the socket with the cap. Both the socket and the charger are equipped with a safety fuse. It is also a good practice to close the cap when you are not using it to prevent it from getting dirty or water.

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